The Relative Size of Pieces and Elements

We’ve had a number of people ask about the size of the game pieces and the overall game platform. The closed GameVault measures 18.75” (L) X 11.35” (W) X 5.8” (H). The open GameVault measures 18.75” (L) X 19.7” (W) X 5.8” (H).

The game pieces are beautiful and sit on a 25mm (1”) magnetic base that firmly connects to the game platform.

Here are some sample heights of various pieces and platform elements:

A Truly Beautiful Playable Collectable

WoW Logo Full Color

From the first meeting with executives at Blizzard Entertainment, it quickly became apparent the passion for their franchise was like no other Licensor we’ve worked with in our four decades of licensing. As with any collectible, it’s all about the detail. Their design team’s dedication to detail – down to the minutia, compelled us to break one of the golden rules in product design – cost reduction. To retain their detail, we did the exact opposite and began adding parts.

Stormwind Keep was originally constructed simply out of four parts; two roto-cast main castle parts, and two ABS bases. It was without doubt, the cheapest and easiest solution. However, to retain the highest level of quality, detail, weight and feel, we kept adding more until it was right. Stormwind Keep is now constructed out of 29 parts. All surfaces including the bottoms are sculpted for authenticity. We also added 125 magnets to register each game piece to the playing surfaces.

The Gates of Orgrimmar now total 38 parts making up this single iconic landmark. In all, there are over 600 assembled parts making up just one Vault. A total of 65 steel injection molds will be tooled up. No small feat, and all coming with an enormous cost impact, essential to a collectible of this caliber and size, weighing in at over 16 lbs.

The gluing jigs and the assembly process of 600+ pieces are just as critical and time consuming. And, while some toys and games are clocked in mere minutes to assemble – from start to finish – the factory has timed molding, assembly, and painting at just over 8 hours of labor per Vault. Another crucial process adding to the product’s complexity and cost.

Just as beautiful as the Himalayas, our ultimate goal is to make a visually stunning hybrid, combining this centuries-old gameplay into a high-end collectible. 

The Game Behind the Game

At award-winning Edge Toy, Inc., secluded inside a hanger at Zamperini Field, we tend to lean on the side of the unconventional. Like mashing IP into unlikely products. Does the world really need another collectable chess set based on iconic characters? What if we could bring an entire world to life in a simple to learn but strategically challenging game?

Many years ago, a small group of us trekked to one of the Annapurna base camps in the Himalayas. Passing through villages along the way, we were introduced and drawn into an obscure, centuries-old game called Bagh-Chal. It’s based on 4 tigers and 20 goats – the tigers hunt down the goats while the goats attempt to block their movements. Nightly, we’d draw lines in the dirt and use rocks for pieces. Now, decades later, paying homage to that memorable and addicting game, GameVaults was born. 

In our version, the overlying rules remain the same, but the execution not so much. Two players. 88 million moves. Simple until now. First, we removed all connecting lines from the 5×5 intersecting grid. Even though the game played the same, you had to pause and really pay attention. Try playing chess on a board without colors – just a grid – easier said than done. Next, we stretched and distorted that hidden grid, placing the game spaces on an uneven landscape, each at different elevations. Visually, this created a new dimension of complexity, while adding a considerable amount of time to the gameplay itself. Then the original sculpts started taking on a life of their own. 

Finally, we placed architectural elements on that uneven landscape, completely obscuring the line of sight, not only of the opponent’s game pieces, but of your own.  Placing various sculpts on the landscape or removing them brought on both offensive and defensive obstructions, new to this ancient game from the rooftop of the world. 

Inspiration & Ingenuity

The award-winning team at Edge Toy have spent thousands of hours engineering and designing a truly authentic, beautiful, and playable collectible. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the effort that has gone into bringing the GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition to life.

GameVaults™: World of Warcraft® Edition Launches on Kickstarter

At 6am PST on June 15, 2021 the GameVaults™: World of Warcraft® Edition project went live on Kickstarter. 

GameVaults is offering three Pledge Rewards: The World of Warcraft® Core Edition, The World of Warcraft Limited Edition, and The World of Warcraft® OnyxEdition™. Each features our unique GamesVaults platform with it’s magical reveal, stunning figures of Alliance and Horde faction leaders, plus various monsters from Azeroth. The board includes iconic architectural landmarks from across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

The vast selection of these game pieces and familiar landmarks allows players to choose their faction and customize the landscape.

To back the project, CLICK HERE to visit the Kickstarter project page

The GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Core Edition is inspired by a centuries-old game of strategy, is visually stunning, and skillfully merges the collectible world with tabletop gaming. Each set includes: The GameVaults platform; 5 Alliance Faction Leaders [Varian Wrynn, Tyrande Whisperwind, Magni Bronzebeard, Gelbin Mekkatorque, & Velen; 5 Horde Faction Leaders [Thrall, Sylvanas, Lor’themar Theron, Cairne Bloodhoof, & Vol’jin; 20 Monsters [4 Harpy, 4 Kobold, 4 Murloc, 4 Naga & 4 Yeti]; and 18 platform elements. All pieces are awe-inspiring and meticulously crafted. Each GameVaults is built with over 600 pieces using an extensive array of tooling molds, assembly labor, and detail painting, making it one of the most elaborate tabletop games ever to be produced.

The GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Limited Edition includes all the pieces in the GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Core Edition plus an exclusive pre-production first-shot sprue of a game part. The part will be randomly selected and colors will vary. The Limited Edition will be offered at the same price as the Core Edition, but we will only be producing an extra 1,000 first shots exclusively for you. When those are gone… they’re gone.

The GameVaults: World of Warcraft® OnyxEdition™ includes all the pieces in the GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Core Editionplus 20 additional exclusive creature game pieces – 10 each of two amazing Abomination figures. These exclusives are painted in rich and detailed black tones. In addition to being visually stunning, these deep black tones raise the complexity of the game. When there is no differentiation between the pieces and the playing surface the gameplay difficulty is amplified significantly.