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Game Vault WoW edition

Preorder Your GameVaults:
World of Warcraft Edition®.

GameVaults merges the World of Warcraft with a centuries-old strategy in a never before seen tabletop gaming platform.

GameVaults™: The most ambitious tabletop gaming platform in decades.

GameVaults is in collaboration with industry leading licensors to bring their iconic characters and worlds to life with this groundbreaking new platform. Every GameVaults tabletop game is crafted from a mind-boggling number of parts — creating something truly beautiful for the fans.  Prepare to do battle on a visually stunning stage in this centuries-old strategy game of deceit and deception with over 88 million possible moves. Strategy Redefined™

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The Relative Size of Pieces and Elements

We’ve had a number of people ask about the size of the game pieces and the overall game platform. The closed GameVault measures 18.75” (L) X 11.35” (W) X 5.8”…

A Truly Beautiful Playable Collectable

From the first meeting with executives at Blizzard Entertainment, it quickly became apparent the passion for their franchise was like no other Licensor we’ve worked with in our four decades…

The Game Behind the Game

At award-winning Edge Toy, Inc., secluded inside a hanger at Zamperini Field, we tend to lean on the side of the unconventional. Like mashing IP into unlikely products. Does the…

GameVaults™: In the News

Word about the GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Edition playable collectible is beginning to spread!  Check out the news: Blizzplanet  Gaming Trend  GameFragger  Warcraftlover  Preorder the GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Edition…

Inspiration & Ingenuity

The award-winning team at Edge Toy have spent thousands of hours engineering and designing a truly authentic, beautiful, and playable collectible. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the effort…